spring update

Yeah, I realize I've been bad blogging about 'life stuff' (so Tiff reminded me). And Spring looks to and has been very expensive.

We (read: Tiffany) purchased a 2004 Jeep Liberty Sport; Atlantic Blue, sunroof, etc. It seems to be a very capable SUV, and Tiff enjoys it a lot more than her '93 Geo Tracker. We purchased it w/ a hitch (for towing) in hopes that one day we will get some PWCs (Personal Watercrafts - aka, SeaDoos, Jet Skis, etc). We'll see ;)

Of course, Spring means home improvement (for us home-owners). We've scheduled our driveway to get paved; which while very nice, is also a nice chunk of change. Of course, our lawn looks horrible, so we're trying to fertilize it and keep the weeds mowed (literally - the grass isn't doing much). Of course, I still need to finish the deck: putting up railing, getting stones for underneath it, and staining mostly. And of course after the driveway is paved, we can get a shed to put all our lawn equipment in (and the motorcycle, which will also hopefully be replaced). Sound like a busy Spring? I thought so.