Silly Lights

You may remember me talking about LED lights for marker signals after I baked my headlights. Turns out blue isn't the best idea for marker lights, as it's a bit illegal.

Last Thursday on my way in to work I got pulled over by a state cop sitting right along Allen road (heading North - after getting off I-81 South and turning left at Plainfield exit). I thought it was a little wierd that he was just sitting there - and even more strange that he pulled out right as I went buy, kind-of cutting off the guy behind me. After he got done telling me which title, chapter, and section the lighting code is in (that would be Title 67, Chapter 153, Section 4 and Tables II and III), I got a warning, and he was on his way.

Of course, I wouldn't be so irritated if I hadn't gotten my car inspected with the lights in about 4-5 months ago, or if he wasn't waiting for me. I know he was waiting for me because of the way he told me how to get my warning cleared - by just turning down the other way when I get off 81 on my way to work. Hmm.. how would you know that if you hadn't seen me before? The fact that he knew exactly where the code was about marker lights was also highly suspicous - I'm sure these guys are very familar with the code, but not to that level. Oh well - another lesson learned.