Sick days suck

I hate sick days. Especially ones like this; I'm lucid enough to know that I should be being more productive, yet not lucid enough to trust anything I would do. Damn Dayquil(tm).

So this weekend (Friday, actually) I finally managed to get ahold of a Wii (damn those marketing people at Nintendo for making that sound dirty). The Wii Sports game it came with is a lot of fun. My sister and cousin Logan were up for the weekend so I took it along over to my parents' house Friday night and we had a good time bowling. I picked up Super Mario Galaxy on Sunday and it seems like it'll be a nice experience with the Wii's controls, but I'm not sure how strong of a game it really is. I'm looking forward to seeing what games 2008 can produce for the platform.

I got my taxes out of the way, and despite having to pay a small penalty for not paying quarterly estimated taxes for the past half-year, I made out pretty well. Well enough that I can seriously consider replacing my aging HP zt3000. I've upgrading the laptop in the past, but I'm not sure that it's worth the expense giving the performance gains would be minimal. My biggest grips right now are CPU speed and video card age. While I'm not an avid gamer anymore, I still can't play anything semi-recent like Team Fortress 2 that everyone on #cplug seems to rave about.

Front runners right now are the Lenovo Thinkpad T61 15.4" and the Dell Latitude D830. Considering the laptop is my primary desktop now, I need something with dock support so that I don't need to plug in power, video (external LCD), sound (external speakers), and USB devices (iPod, USB phone charger). That's just too many things to plug in all the time.

I would like something more portable than my current zt3000 - and neither the T61 or the D830 fall into that category. The 14.1" T61 is a bit more portable and so is the Dell D630; I guess I need to look at the HP offerings again just to make sure I didn't rule them out earlier. I really like my 1680x1050 WSXGA+ screen resolution, I could probably stand going to 1440x900 since I have a 20.1" 1680x1050 external LCD available for desktop use.

And that's it for my semi-lucid sick day blog (sad that it takes a sick day for me to have a real blog update).