Rehobeth Beach, DE

Which is close to Lewes, DE, which is where we stayed. We got back Thursday (the 12th) around 14:30ish.

The trip was a lot of fun, if expensive. For a rundown of events:

  • Sunday: Leave early (06:00ish); arrive there around lunchtime. We headed down to a pay-for-parking beach in Lewes, which is close to where we go out on a fishing trip so we got prices for that. Came home, went to Nicola Pizza on Rehobeth Beach for supper; their 'nic-o-boli's really *are* good. Back to the trailer for sleep, only to have the one foot of the bed Tiff and I were sleeping in go through the floor! Oh vey. We stayed on the couch-bed that night, even though the foot was supposedly 'fixed'
  • Monday: Fishing day! We go out on a party boat out of Lewes for Croakers, Flounder, and Sea Bass. It was a good bit of fun. I think we just hung out in the afternoon and ate supper back at the trailer; not too full of a day, which is nice
  • Tuesday: Rehobeth Beach at 09:00! That means getting up before 08:00 - ick. This is the only way to get a decent parking spot and place on the beach, but it is a good bit bigger than the others around, and a lot of shops on the boardwalk. About two minutes after we got setup on the beach, Tiff and I went in the ocean, only to have a big wave come over both of us. Tiff went under, and when she came up, she didn't have her glasses. So, short beach trip that day. We found a phone book at the Candy Store and called a place called Vision Centre in the Delaware Eye Institute; We knew this place was going to be expensive driving up to it, and it was (around \$270). The nice thing is they got her glasses the next day.

    We went shopping after that incident, although it wasn't too productive since Tiff couldn't see. I manged to get some khakis and polos at Old Navy and that's about it.

  • Wednesday: Last day! Back the Rehobeth Beach for a couple hours, and then back the Vision Centre to pick up Tiff's glasses. We went shopping for a couple hours and I managed to find some new sandles (Timberland's!) and a couple dress shirts at Van Heusen. Big seafood supper at The Rusty Rudder which wasn't very good (Tiff and I don't do seafood), but that''s okay.
  • Thursday: pack & come home!

So, that about sums it up. Good time overall, and great weather while we were down there.