Raystown 2k4

Got back from Raystown yesterday around 15:00, and finally got all my Raystown Vacation Pictures uploaded (it's a problem when your fileserver's hard drive is maxxed out ;).

It was a really nice vacation. When we arrived Thursday, it started to rain a bit while we were setting everything up (including our tents). It rained a couple more times throughout the afternoon, and our campfire was cut a little short by rain as well (after it took about half an hour to get the fire going because the wood was so damp).

Friday started out looking like it was going to rain, but turned out to be really nice. [Dennis], Michele, Rick, Brenda, and the Warehimes all went for a walk to the Ice Cave while Matt, Chrissy, Ryan, Tiff and I stayed out on the boat fishing. Matt managed to catch two 10 lb carp using cicadas (boy were they annoying this year) on a trout rod with 2 lb test line on it. Pretty good. We went back for supper, then went for another boat ride over to Shy Beaver where I got some nice wallpaper photos.

Saturday is our typical day to goto the water park. It rained for about 10 minutes when we got there, but was otherwise a very nice day. We did our usual round of miniature golf, and went on the water rides. They have a new ride this year where you ride on an inner-tube in an enclosed tube.. completely dark. It was a blast (albiet, a bit scary the first time). Took a while to get Dennis away from it ;).

Later we took our traditional walk over the the marina for ice cream, and came back and cooked smores around the camp fire. It was a really nice day, but night was extremely cold for being in a tent (around 55, I think).

It was a great vacation to get away for a couple days. I can't wait to go to the shore in August.