Productive Weekend

I took Friday off to be with my Wife, so we did some driving around, I got some summer-clothes shopping done, and we visited w/ Paige, Ryan, Holly, and Brooke in the evening. I also got a nice suprise in that the FedEx guy dropped my PS and DVD-burner from NewEgg off in the morning - a day ahead of schedule (scheduled delivery was Monday)

Saturday was spent outside most of the day digging holes for clothesline poles - by hand. I did some other yardwork while Tiffany cleaned up the front of the house w/ new mulch and flowers. Ryan brought our lawn furniture up and I brought out the grill. I also managed to get my desktop up and running again. My Mom and Dad also came by in the evening, we grilled some burgers, burnt some fries (literally - lots of smoke; we didn't eat them), and watched Shark Tales (not as good as I thought it would be). A busy but enjoyable day.

Today was spent finishing up cementing in the clothesline poles and painting them, washing the cars, and finally relaxing. I managed to get the hard drive in my Xbox upgraded to a 30G (the "40G" [Ian] sold me turned out to be a 17G; had to swap that out ;-) and reorganized the games I have backed up.

Not a bad weekend!