Photos of Virginia Beach, Cowan's Gap, Pap's 81st birthday and some site upgrades

Seems like I managed to have a fairly productive night. I finally got the photos of Virginia Beach uploaded (but not labeled) as well as the photos of our recent trip to Cowan's Gap. My family also had a birthday party for my Papap Warner this past weekend - his 81st!

I guess that wasn't enough to keep me busy, as I managed to get some sorely-needed site upgrades in place tonight as well. I upgraded my photo album to Gallery 2.1.2 and took advantage of a mapping module I recently found to add a map of my albums. The albums entered so far are all hand-done, but I plan on tagging my photos with GPS coordinates before uploading in the future.

I also managed to upgrade my wiki to Wikka Not too much to speak of there - but I had to manually merge my CSS changes from before. I'm using SVN to handle the upgrades now, so hopefully it'll go a little smoother.

Well, [Brady]'s away message is a hint that I should be sleeping, so I guess I'll head that way.