phones - gsm again?

Back in May I tried out AT&T's GSM service with a Sony-Ericsson T68i. The biggest thing I loved about the phone was bluetooth capability (which goes well with my T|T); but it about ended there. The reception was very poor, the UI was slow and un-intuitive.

The new Sony-Ericsson T616 seems to be luring me back though. People claim much better reception, and the UI is fast. The built-in camera doesn't impress me much (I have a Canon PowerShot S45 for pics), but the size and feature set do. Maybe it's time to try it again?

The biggest disadvantage is the price. I was able to get the \$150 T68i for \$30 back in May - I got some instant rebate that brought it to \$80, then a \$50 mail-in rebate. That made me quite happy. The T616 is \$220 though; and while I could get it for \$70 online with a new line of service (\$100 instant-rebate, and another \$50 rebate at checkout time), I'm not sure what they'll give an existing customer. At least this time my contract is up, so I do have that bargaining capability. I guess I just need to play with one, and if I like it talk to a rep.