Pending Completion of Successful On-site Interview

I had an interview at Ship this morning, which I feel went pretty well. I said 'um' and 'so' too much, but I think that's to be expected when I haven't had a real interview before and I was in front of a four-person firing squad.

The interview was very well organized, I felt, which helped calm my nerves a good bit. I met with Vicki Rideout in HR, and she explained how the process would proceed, and what kind of timeline I could expect to hear back from people. From there I went to the team that will write the recommendation for the position. The interview was kind-of rapid-fire style; where they all had a list of questions that they went down the line and asked. I felt that two of the people were only there to fill slots, while Amy Diehl and Bill Pooler were the ones most intersted. After that, Amy took me on a tour of the facility, which I took as a good thing (I figured they wouldn't do that unless they liked me a little bit). After that we went to Denny Mathes briefly before going to the VP Rick Ruth for awhile.

Overall, I think things went very well; I was able to answer their multi-part questions in one shot typically, and after their questions were done, I spent a good bit of time asking them questions and conversing with them a bit more.