Papap Warner

When Tiff and I went over to my parents' for supper last night I thought it was odd to see my aunt's car therel. When we got inside I thought it was even more strange that only my two neices were there. Then I found out that my Pap was in the hospital from a suspected heart attack and was in a drug-induced coma.

Everyone made it through supper fine; basically trying not to talk about it much. Tiff and I stayed around for awhile afterwards until both of my aunts got there and told us that he looked pretty good even if he couldn't communcate.

I cried on the way home from my parents for a bunch of reasons; I don't visit my (last remaining) Grandpa enough; he has neighbors who take care of the driveway and walk for him even though I'm right around the corner (literally); and I'm worried about my Dad and how he's doing with it.

My Mom's been updating me today as things progress; they confirmed that he did have a heart attack. They were able to take the ventalator off him this morning and he's been up communcating and eating; both things sound very good. My Sister is still coming up tonight and I imagine that her, Dad, and I will go in to visit for a bit.