Pairing Down

Every day I go to work, I grab several pieces of electronics to take with me: my cellphone, my PDA, my laptop, and my camera. Even when I go out somewhere, I typically have the cellphone, camera, and leave the pda in the car in case I need it. It'd be nice to trim things down a bit.

So, what are the biggest things I use my PDA for? Address book, and passwords. Well, anytime I need a password, I probably have my laptop - and my cellphone should be able to store addresses (if it wasn't a Motorola). So, I can get rid of the PDA. It's wifi features are pretty slick sometimes, but I have rarely used them in the year I've had it - it's just not very practical.

What about my camera? My current Canon S45 is pretty nice, but getting old and beat up. I've been torn between getting a point-and-shoot or a prosumer w/ good zoom. What if I had a megapixel cameraphone that I could carry with my always, and take the prosumer when I need it? Sounds good to me.

Enter the Sony Ericsson S710a. It has a much better address book than the Motorolas (it can store multiple entries per name - how novel!), and has a 1.3MP camera. I know the camera isn't great, but it would be very nice just to have just to carry around for general use.

So that means I'm probably selling my Axim, giving Tiff the Motorola v551 (unlocked and unbranded!), and getting a S710a. And if it wasn't clear, I'll be storing the passwords on the computer. Guess I need to setup a firewall.