OSCON 2008 Session Day 2 for Mozdev

My second day at OSCON was also terrific. I continued to meet new people and got to spend more time talking with others. There were two sessions that I wanted to see, and they were:

- Integration Testing PHP Applications - this was a little more overview that I had hoped, but it did go over Selenium and when it's best to use that vs. your own HTML parser (which should hopefully be in PHPUnit 3.3). - Top 10 Scalability Mistakes - After some of the "overview"-like talks I had been to, I was pleased to see this one get into a good bit of detail that allows you to plan for specific situations better by giving you some context. I recommend checking out the slides.

I spent most of the afternoon helping out at the Mozilla booth and helping break down the booth when the expo was over. In the evening there was the SourceForge Community Choice Awards at the Jupiter hotel and an after-party called BeerForge at the Bossanova. The Bossanova was a really nice venue (whereas the DJ wasn't amazing) and getting to hang out and talk to various people was great.

I looked through Stephen Lau's photos and selfishly picked out the ones that had myself in it (if only to prove that I'm here):

- Rob and Jay talking to people at the Mozilla booth - Me talking w/ Max (from Bugzilla) - Eric and Brian at the Mozdev BoF - David at the Mozdev BoF

My own photos from the past couple days are uploading; hopefully I can update the post soon w/ the pictures.

Update 2008-07-26 00:15

Photos of my first three days at OSCON are up: