OSCON 2008 Session Day 1 for Mozdev

Big day at OSCON today. I got into town at 01:00 this morning and taking the cab to the hotel wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (but more expensive than I had planned).

I was able to get a hold of and meet Brian King and David Boswell later in the morning (at normal waking hours) and we met up with Eric Jung as well.

The day was a blur of meeting tons of people; some for the first time, some putting faces to names (or IRC nicks); I attended a number of sessions, also got hang out with a lot of great people from all walks of the Mozilla community.

The sessions I ended up going to were:

- The Internet is an Ogre: Finding Art in the Software Architecture - this one was pretty good overview of how the Internet is a hard thing to develop for but how a proper architecture can make your life easier - PHP Taint Tool: It Ain't a Parser - I was interested in learning about the work done in static analysis for PHP, but it ended up being too technical for me and I tuned a lot out - White beautiful code (in PHP) - I really enjoyed Laura's talk and her insights on what can be done to make your code, well, beautiful. I'm hoping to be able to discuss more with her next week at the Summit about some code-structure problems Mozdev has (such as how to architect a good test suite) as well as how Mozdev could integrate with AMO (and thanks for the encouragement on my blog last week!) - Firefox Delivered: OSS Infrastructure for the Masses - Justin's talk on Mozilla's infrastructure was great and went over the steps Mozilla has taken to be able to scale to its needs. This was a nice overview of the problems Mozdev might face in the future as it continues to grow. - Give Your Site a Boost with memcached - Ben Ramsey's talk on memcached was very helpful for me to solidify questions I had about how memcached can be best integrated into an application without writing a ton of code to handle the interactions between your db layer and caching layer; it was a big help to see some of that in practice

I also participated in the Mozdev-led BoF on Tools and Other Resources for Mozilla Extension Development. This turned out to be a great discussion on what tools are available for extension developers and what we can possibly do to improve things (such as better chrome debuggers, implementing dependency resolution in the update process, and having support for multiple update repositories).

The day ended at the Montage with MoCo and a couple other members of the community. A big thanks to MoCo for allowing us to tag along; it was great to be a part everything that's going on!