One Month Later..

Yeah, I did get my car back last month. Really should've blogged about that awhile ago :-/

Got my first "Genius of the Day" award yesterday at work. Made me feel good, even if it was just a small suggestion for a change to how the customer sees stuff.

I got hooked on World of Warcraft this past week. I found a server where [Kevin] and [Lindsay] both are - I didn't even realize they played until after I got the game! It's been a lot of fun so far, but I haven't managed to be online when both of them are much yet. I have a Night Elf Druid (currently level 12 - woohoo!) that I've been playing since about Tuesday; I had a Night Elf Priest before that I got up to level 10 before switching servers. Definitely seems like a big time sink ;-).

I've been thinking about upgrading my fileserver again recently. While the stuff that's up on that page mentions going the HTPC route, I'm thinking that it might not really be the best idea. There's no way that six hard drives and fans to cool tha box can be quite. So, I need to figure out what the best thing is given the other goals.

Oh - you might've noticed that the nav bar actually looks right now - that's thanks to Scott (friend at work). Guess that's what happens when you work w/ a bunch of web guys.