New Cell Phone Time - An T-Mobile G1

Of course, I love cell phones.  They're my gadget crack.  So it's not surprising to my friends and family that I bought a new one for my birthday.

I picked up a T-Mobile G1.  It's a nice touch screen device that runs an Open Source OS (Linux) with it's own software stack on top (Android).  So far the hardware is really nice; having a touch screen and a keyboard is very handy, especially for using a terminal to log into remote systems.

Brady's gone ahead and done some research for me already (here, here, here, and here).  I actually bought two G1's - a black one that I received already and am playing with that's in perfect condition, and a bronze one that I've yet to receive.  I'm going to resell the one I don't like, but I haven't seen the bronze one in-person yet to know if I like it or not.

I've only run into one real problem so far, when using the voicemail auto-dial button with the number AT&T sends down OTA I get a "invalid MMI code" error.  This is apparently due to the pound sign at the end (#) from my pin number being saved; adding a comma to the end for a pause seems to resolve this.

I'll probably need to root whichever device I end up using so I can use the wifi tethering apps; otherwise just having access to an SSH client on the road will be awesome.  Once a SIP client comes out for the phone I'll be able to officially get rid of my Nokia N81.  That was a nice phone while it lasted; it just can't compete with a touch screen and a hardware keyboard.