Mozdev's Role in the Add-On world

Mozdev has long offered free source hosting, but along with that we offer a number of other features that are important to extension developers such as mirroring and distribution and secure installations and updates.

Mozdev has been working hard to try to prepare for the Firefox 3 release. We were able to keep our server up during the entire event and ended up being surprised by where the traffic was going.

From previous Firefox 2.0.0.* updates we were used to getting swamped with update requests when lots of users restarted Firefox within a short period of time. We didn't expect that so many people would be looking to our Brazillian Firefox translation project for Firefox 3 news!

Comparing the previous Tuesday and Wednesday (6/10 & 6/11) to the Firefox 3 release (6/17 & 6/18) (like filgtar did), I'd like to take a look at hits, update requests, and downloads


Our hits for the previous Tuesday and Wednesday are pretty typical; \~5.3M/day. We saw a 66% increase in hits on release day and an 87% increase the next day.


Our downloads are typically fairly erratic, but just looking at these 4 days we have an average of of \~56k downloads/day the previous week and we see a 48% increase on release day, an a 99% increase on the day after!

While Mozdev may not be as active as AMO is, we do have a thriving community here and we're continuing to work on adding new features to help extension developers out.