Mozdev sysadmin meeting minutes for 2008-01-22

Present: davidwboswell (David Boswell), gjm (Gerry Murphy), silfreed (Douglas Warner), tanker (Michael Dosser)

Discussion was held publically in #mozdev

Discussed developer priorities

- continuing to get mozdev code working with PHP 5.2 - migrating mozdev code into CVS - updated in Hovercraft project now - mozdev code is checked out on and running from CVS - decided not to have mozdev code auto-update to allow developer more control over the process that gets new code on the server - added DoS prevention to to keep single IPs from hammering the server too much - this was the cause of some downtime a little over a month ago - added caching of various download stats and front page content - ready to get's website code running from CVS; need to schedule a time w/ sysadmins to move some directories around - continuing to track down problems w/ register_globals = off on; lots of problems have been resolved already (main site works, most admin tools work)

Discussed sysadmin priorities

- both servers have been updated to the lastest FreeBSD 6.1 patch level and rebooted to apply the new kernel updates - various monitoring updates - troubleshooting cvs/mail problems on - Friday evening amavisd died somehow; email queue grew over the weekend until the problem was fixed Sunday - became unavailable after fixing amavisd on Sunday but became available before any diagnostic could be performed; possibly a network connection problem - has been showing some disk errors; no conclusions about this yet (SMART test was clean)

Staging server migration

- Mozilla is offering colocation space, but not VMs or hardware - developers need a staging machine that doesn't have production data synced over top of their development code - potentially look into purchasing a new machine for failover and ship that and current staging machine to Mozilla - gjm and tanker are both busy with current problems so davidwboswell will see if a board member is available to keep the process going

Dealing with newsgroups

- no progress yet