movin up

Vertically, anyway. Daniel is moving on in his life (good for him), so I'm going to be filling a hole in the web department. Of course, this means learning everything Daniel did, and what Sam and Chris do real quick. I think it will be fun to be back in web development full-time for awhile, and I'll get a little bit more managing experience.

My sister-in-law, Chrissy, is looking into a new car since she was in an accident a month ago. She wasn't hurt, but the insurance decided to total her 1987 Ponitac Sunbird. She's looking to get a car a decade older to last her a couple years, which seems like a smart move for now. She's looking at a 1997 Saturn SC2; it's pretty sporty looking, but lacking on many features (cassette + A/C is about all it has), but should give her good fuel economy and be a safe car for awhile. Of course, I'll help install the CD player ;).