movin' on up.. er.. in!

This is my first time back online since Friday when I left work. Tiff and I have been moving pretty much all weekend (except for Saturday afternoon/evening when we were at Brett and Ann's wedding). We have a good deal of our stuff in the house now; just need to organize. I close on the house tomorrow (and get cable), so that should be a busy day. Feel free to stop by (if you know where it is; if not, call me)!

Speaking of Brett and Ann's wedding, it was a very nice wedding, and sure was setting the mood for Tiff and my wedding this Saturday (6 days). With the house and being at the last wedding, I'm starting to get really excited, although I know that it won't really set in until Saturday morning. So far, I'm still very happy to get married and ready to move on the next step in my life.