Mercurial at Mozdev (soon)

We've been working on getting Mercurial ready to use at Mozdev for awhile now; it turns out there's a lot to do to offer a new VCS for a hosting provider that's only offered CVS for 7 years:

- Write admin interfaces for selecting a project's repository and setting up new hg repositories - Write a tool to log hg commits, make sure project activity is also based on these logs, and make sure places that reported CVS commits can also report hg commits (the source.html page on projects and the RSS feed). - Setup the web interface and repositories and get new SSL certs to cover the domain - Update documentation

We're almost ready to release this in production; we just have a final round of testing to go through. With that in mind, there's still some caveats to our Mercurial offering that might disappoint some people:

- CVS is still necessary for maintaining the website and downloads (fixing this is on our roadmap) - Projects' source information page needs updated by the PO to include information on Mercurial - We weren't planning on removing the old sources from CVS and we don't have a mechanism for locking CVS, so it might slightly confusing to new users or contributors as to where to get the canonical source for a project if they switch to from CVS to Mercurial

Even with these things in mind, we're still very excited to offer this to our projects like our Mozilla brethern. Hopefully in the near future this list will be much fuller.

Mozdev Mercurial