meeting outcome

Had my meeting with the Deckerts yesterday. The big topic was probably called 'problems w/ management in multiple departments'. We also talked a bit about scheduling, as I'm getting very tired of weekends having worked them since I started at CTI (about 4.5 years ago).

Things seemed to be going well while I was going through my items with Denise; I would say something and she would ask me [clairifying] questions - like a normal meeting. Allen, however, just sat there; occasionally writing a note down.

When Allen did decide to talk, it was not exactly the stuff I wanted to hear. A lot of it comes down to the fact that he doesn't see web as a real department, so he doesn't think there needs to be somebody to "babysit" two people. He mentioned something about a more general Project Management position, which while it sounds interesting, would probably be less "Managment" and more "Blame". I doubt I would be given to power to actually affect anything.

Oh, and I was promised a meeting "soon."