married and back from honeymoon

I guess there hasn't been an update here for awhile ;)

In case there's any doubt, I'm married now, and got back from our honeymoon a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, I ended up getting pneumonia, so that kinda kept me down for awhile. I'm finally getting over that, so things should start getting close to 'normal'.

Adjusting to being married hasn't been to bad. In fact, I didn't feel that being married to Tiff was that big of a change other than we didn't have to leave each other at night (and some other stuff ;). We've been best friends for so long that there wasn't any hesitation in getting married. Getting into a schedule has been a little difficult, but I guess that's normal for newlyweds. I'm just happy to be married to her finally. I've been waiting for that for awhile.

To switch to more computer like stuff; the home network is getting setup finally. Wireless is running, the fileserver is up, and things are starting to feel more like 'home'. [Brady] and I are really pushing towards getting NetMRG out, so I had to get my home network up to really work on it (hey, I gotta have music!). Now if I could just figure out what I need to do...