long time; no update

Well, it's been a long time since I updated this. I've noticed that I often update in bursts; then take a long break (like a month). Not that I'm saying I'm going to change it, but I am aware of it ;).

Tiff and my house is coming along pretty well. They finally have the first floor framed; which is good. I plan on going to take pictures tomorrow (and if there was someplace to put them online here, I would). I keep thinking about getting a better digital camera; one that has higher resolution, like the Canon S45 or G3 - but the price is a total turnoff. I think it would be very handy for the house, the wedding, and honeymoon though.

Although I don't like talking about work too much here, Kevin and I did manage to get a CTI Distro server built for our customers. You can get to it at distro.ctinetworks.com. It's a partial RedHat mirror, a freshrpms mirror, and is all available via apt. Not bad, I thought.