Long Memorial Weekend

The unofficial start of summer went pretty nice, if busy.

Saturday was spent yard-saling again. I managed to sell my motorcycle, but that was about it. We went to a cookout in the afternoon; after getting soaked carrying the stuff in from a surprise shower. Guess it really was summer!

Sunday was a general mess. Lots of running around, some fishing, and we finally decided to have a cookout at our place Monday sometime that evening so we had to run to Giant to buy food and spent a couple hours (til 23:30) preparing food for the next day.

Monday we went yard-saling again, didn't sell anything, but didn't get soaked either ;-). Spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with our collective families, which was great.

Brady says there's a LAN-nic coming up in a couple weeks, so I purchased a pseudo-managed Dell PowerConnect 2708 8-port gigabit switch. The fact that it has a web interface gives me hope that someday it will have SNMP support; but for now it was cheap for an 8-port gigabit switch ;-). I'm also probably going to put off the radio-replacement to upgrade Thor so I at least get some decent speeds at this party. So much stuff to spend money on, so little money.