LAN Party and Beach Trip Over

Wow; quite the lack of updates. The LAN Party was done on August 6th; pretty much with no hitches. You can check out all the pictures, as they've been up for awhile.

Tiff, her parents, sister, sister's boyfriend, and I spent last week (13th - 20th) down at Myrtle Beach. Surprise! I really should have blogged about that; and maybe even given HR more than a couple days notice (/me smack's forhead).

It was a really nice vacation of mostly just relaxing. We had excellent weather almost the entire time; it was mostly overcast on Thursday with scatter thunderstorms all week, but otherwise was very nice; hot and sticky, but very nice.

Most days were started out on the beach at around 11a (mmm.. sleep). I'm not big on "laying out", so I go out and boogie-board on the waves. I still managed to get pretty crispy that way, so I figure it works just as well and I have more fun!

Evenings were usually spent "out" somewhere; we spent a lot of time at Barefoot Landing and made a trip out to Broadway at the Beach where we ate at Hard Rock Cafe. Other various activities included miniature golfing, shopping, finding ice cream places, playing Xbox, and sleeping. Overall a very nice (and much needed) vacation.