keyless entry works!

I have a 1998 Subaru Legacy GT whose keyless entry hasn't worked fully for awhile now.

When I got the car, I don't think the keyless entry was installed quite 'professinoally'. It was dangling by my left foot, and was quite annoying. I repositioned it, but since then it never worked right: I couldn't unlock all the doors.

I tried many things; reprogramming it by pushing certain buttons, with the key in the 'on' position; nothing worked. I finally found the correct way to reprogram it.

Apparently, there's a 'programming button' on these models. Commonly it's mounted on the left side of the steering column, but mine isn't a normal installation it seems ;). I finally found another thread that stated the programming button was attached to the keyless entry unit (8"x6"x1" black unit) by a pair of brown wires. I traced this, and voila! The programming button mounted to the left frame of my car.

So, just to reproduce the steps for everyone:

  1. Open your driver door (let it open - not sure if it matters)
  2. Turn the key to 'On'
  3. After locating your keyless entry programming button, depress it for 15 seconds and continue holding it. You'll know it's ready to program remotes when the doors cycle locked/unlocked 3 times very quickly.
  4. press 'lock' on your keyfob's (up to 4) to programm it
  5. release the programming button; you're done!

Needless to say, I'm quite happy this works again!