Just so you don't worry

Everything's fine; just a bit stressful at times ;)

If anyone's been stressful, it's been Patches. Despite the (very poor) picture from the other day, most of the time she still tries to play with the cats; and they don't want to play - at least not with a dog.

To make matters worse, she seems to be getting into this 'chewing' habit. She will pretty much destroy any toy we give her within a couple days, and last night when my parents were over she insisted on trying to chew on them. It wasn't to be mean or anything (and she doesn't chew very hard) but we still don't like the fact that she's doing it.

We think we just need to pay more attention to her; she's only about a year old and we think with being cooped up so much she just gets very rambunctious. So, hopefully more 'play time' will help things.