Jared's Birth Story


Jared Douglas Warner was born September 30th, 2008 at 12:49pm EDT.  He was 8lbs 14.8oz and 21.25 inches long.

Tiffany was scheduled for an induction on Tuesday at 7am, but contractions started around 2am that morning.  Jocelyn was already staying at Tiff's Parents' house since the induction was scheduled, so we left for the hospital a little after 4am once we were ready.  We were admitted to the hospital around 4:45am.  Tiff's contractions were between 8 and 10 minutes apart at that time.

When the day shift nurses came on we were excited to find out we had Nichole again and Darlana Besecker was the midwife on duty (both same as with Jocelyn).  A little around 7:30am Tiff got an IV to treat her GBS infection.  They wanted that to go for 4 hours before she delivered, so they didn't want to break her water or give her any pitocin until the antibiotic had some time to work.  Tiff chose to have an epidural since they would be administering pitocin to bring her contractions closer together and received that around 9am.  At 9:30 they broke her water and found some merconium in the fluid, so a pediatrician needed to be on hand at the delivery.  A little after 10am they started her on pitocin to get her contractions a little closer together.  After that the contractions got progressively closer together until Jared was born at 12:49pm after about 20 minutes of pushing!

Tiff's delivery went much smoother than with Jocelyn and our stay at the hospital was much shorter.  We came to the hospital Tuesday morning and left Wednesday afternoon.  Our entire experience with Jared's birth was a great one and we're very excited to bring him into our family.

Jocelyn is doing pretty well with our new addition.  She gets sometimes gets jealous when Mom or I are holding Jared but usually gets over it fairly quickly.  She's held Jared a couple times and typically just stares at him a bit and will give him kisses very easily when we ask her to.  We think she's very excited to be a big sister.