Importing Years of Notes into Evernote

I've recently become interested in collating my notes into something that's much more searchable and I've received lots of recommendations to use Evernote.

I started playing with getting my notes into it, but I had a couple problems:

  • most of my notes were in no-format text files. These were okay
  • a lot of my notes over the last year were in Markdown format .. these /didn't/ import well, and showed up as attachments
  • regardless, the creation time of the note was the time I imported the file... not the original time of the note

I managed to find a couple things to help make this much better import method and not all that tedious:

ls *.md | while read file ; do pandoc "${file}" -f markdown -t html -s -o "${file}.html"; touch -r "${file}" "${file}.html"; done
mkdir DescriptiveFolderName
mv *.html DescriptiveFolderName