I Don't Like Cingular

So, I kinda went and busted my cellphone. I think it happened when I got out of my car and I rolled out, pinning my cell against the door jam. I now have several cracks across my LCD rendering it useless.

So my first instinct is to go to a Cingular store (despite me hating them and knowing that Tiff and I both will have to upgrade our phones and change to a plan that doesn't have 7pm nights) thinking that I can upgrade my phone every 6 months. Wrong! That's an old AT&T policy; not Cingular. Cingular's is that you only get a discount on a new phone every 21 months. So, we walked out of there.

I've been looking at the Motorola v551; it does bluetooth, VGA camera, MP3 ringtones, and a speakerphone. I know the addressbook sucks, but I'll get over it. I found one on eBay for \$150 for an unlocked phone. Cingular wanted \$200 for a "no commitment" one that would have still been locked to Cingular. Hopefully this saga will be over in a couple days and I can view SMS' that I've been receiving.