house update and info on cameras

Well, the house is moving along well; I have a second floor now (and some bathtubs - woohoo!). It shouldn't be too long before it's under roof. Getting excited now :-D

I finally found an image management system that I would like to use, so you all can look forward to some online pics soon. Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), I've sold my Kodak DX3500 to [Dennis], and am in the process of selling my Canon Elph 370Z on eBay. Of course (the good part), this means I'm getting a new camera: the Canon S45 I've been talking about for months. I've purchased it on eBay, but I don't expect it to arrive too soon. I should have worked this a bit better; like actually having the new camera before selling the old one. Oh well.

Oh; one last thing. [Brady] has updated his site to be a little more bookmarkable, and hopefully, indexable. We've done some big tower hunting in the past couple days, so expect to see a whole batch of new sites and pictures up in a week or so. of course, he took all the pictures ;-).