house and wedding update

Well, the house is coming along rather well. We have siding on 3 sides; the walls have one coat of paint, and the vinyl is due to be installed on Friday. Things seem to be moving well there.

What I don't like is how much cable looks like it will be. I don't watch too much TV, but the channels I like (TLC, THC, SciFi, Cartoon Network) are all in the extended packages probably costing > \$40/mo. In addition, Comcast is the best high-speed internet solution in the area, and that would be > \$40/mo. Sounds like a lot of money to give to Comcast a month - so I don't know what I'll do about that right now.

Of course, those astute readers will notice that if the house is getting close to being done, the wedding is getting close as well. I'm getting really excited, and I know Tiff is as well. I hope everything goes smoothly up until that day (with the planning) - I think it will. We've tried very hard to make sure to provision for everything. I guess we'll see ;)