hiking is good

[Brady] and I went for a hike to Lewis' Rocks on South Mountain tonight. It was a really nice trek, and had a great view at the end.

Thor recently got an upgrade to the sound of 250G. It has some relief to it's previously-full 120+160G hard drives. Now I'm getting worried that I'll be running into poor-planning; I maxxed my LVM array out at 1TB; looks like I'll be there next year :(. I also got a 1000BT NIC for thor (realtek 8169 - r8169.ko), not that I have an 1000bt compatible switch. I think Brady might be able to find one for the lan party, which is where it'll mostly be useful anyway.

I finally got all the music sorted from last month's lannic. Just in time for the lan party ;)

I've dropped Vonage, also. It's been two months since I posted about them, and they still hadn't LNP'd my phone number - not good. I plan on dropping my Sprint service to basic + CID. I'd like to get some Asterisk hardware running; but an FXO+FXS card is $200 right now; not cheap to break into voip while maintaining backwards compatibility. Actually, a cheap X100p-alike (about $20) plus an IAXy might not be a bad solution..