Good news, Bad news

Cell phone exchange: going well so far. My old phone kept getting worse and worse. It started with this annoying 'white spot' in the display, and eventually led to lockups and problems turning the phone on. On the replacement, I have all the sounds and pictures transfered and have the contacts and calendar items syncing with Sony-Ericsson's software via bluetooth. Although subjective, the new phone seems more responsive and clearer despite being the same firmware.

Camera problems: My camera killed my CF card. With my family's Christmas gathering pictures. I'm not totally sure what happened; it seemed like the camera was getting extra hot, then it seemed like it drained the battery extra fast. The CF card ceased working after that. The camera is also out of warranty; I was worried that it would need replaced, but after a quick visit to [Brady]'s, I was able to find out that it does still read cards (and hasn't killed another yet), and he was nice enough to sell me his 128M CF card for cheap.

WAP: After a bit of struggling with my router to get a 10/100 that worked, it seems to be doing much, much better. Now I am getting about 2.5MB/s (20Mbps) which does a pretty good job of streaming video. I need to adjust some buffering on mplayer, but otherwise it seems to be going great.