Get rid of 'em all

My first politcal blog post. That has to mean something.

Have you seen the news about the bill recently passed into law? I just happened to stumble upon a blog mentioning the Military Commisions Act. This basically throws out anything about habeus corpus, and possibly the Geneva Conventions. And reports I'm reading say that even few Democrats voted against this bill. Freedoms? Pfft.. who needs 'em. We have terrorists knocking at our door! They might already be here!!!

I'm convinced the only way to send a message that we don't like what's going on is to get rid of all the incumbants. Apparently, other people think getting rid of incumbants might not be bad as well. The problem is that this will only work if we get rid of them all - all that are up for re-election this November. It doesn't even matter what the person's platform is you're voting in - they'll clean up their act if they see the people aren't willing to stand for what's going on. The biggest problem is that you can't just abstain from voting (that is, to show up to vote and submit an empty ballot). Much of our electoral system is done with plurality voting - meaning that the majority of voters who did vote will choose the winner.

Make sure you vote this November - and make sure you send a clear message!