Generic Update

This past weekend we got a pretty good storm which washed out our driveway. So I spent about an hour raking the stones back in place. Good thing we're going to get our driveway paved this summer. We're probably going to have Fayetteville Contractors, Inc. do it as we haven't heard back from Slusser's as to when they will even get us an estimate. In addition to just our existing driveway area, we're expanding the width to 17' at the narrowest (so two cars can fit side-by-side) and adding 16' to the back so we have a turn-around and can set a shed on the blacktop. It will be much nicer when we have to clear snow this winter.

Because of the driveway my planned spending-spree has been cut short. I probably won't be getting a new car stereo anytime soon. I'm really not sure if I can justify buying a new digital camera right now either. Not even on the map is purchasing a handgun (damn [Dennis] and his new .357 Mag!). There's always Christmas, right?

And for all those that have been complaining, I'm purchasing a cert for argo from InstantSSL so you won't get those annoying warnings about the certificate being expired anymore. Hopefully I'll hear back in a day or so.