Eventful Evening of Life and Hacking

Got home tonight and got gas for the lawn mowers so Tiff and I could mow the weeds for the first time in 3 weeks (the grass is all brown - it really was just weeds). We then went over to the South Hampton park and walked a mile and a half before coming back. Tiff has to have some tests done in the morning that she had to fast for, so I ate leftover spaghetti from the Lighthouse Restaurant upstairs while she cut laminating and talked on the phone downstairs.

After that, I spent time reading and working on bluetooth proximity detection. I plan on having a couple bluetooth-enabled computers around the house that can detect signal strength of bluetooth devices (be it phones, or other "bluetooth keys"). I found some others work towards this goal (Quozl's BlueTooth RSSI Mapping & Debian Configuration and Gentoo TIP Bluetooth Proximity Monitor) but these all involve a single device/key and a single computer - I want this to be a little smarter.

Anyway, I spent most of the evening getting my SVN tree working again and fighting with the overall structure. You can look at my progress and todos online.