erm.. happy new year!

Yeah; I know. Slacking on the 'Happy New Year.' At least I update ;-)

Happenings? Not much, thankfully. The mortgage company finally decided to pay our (almost) deliquent School Tax bill.. on December 31st. Makes me happy that I don't have to pay it, anyway. I had a nice extended vacation from work, which was very nice after a frantic previous week with light staff and Christmas schedules. Tiff has had off for the past couple weeks since she's a teacher, and it was very nice to just spend time together.

The Christmas Tree is still up, but it's doing pretty good for considering the cats always drink all the water out of it. I imagine it will go next weekend, though. The laptop hasn't shipped yet, but I keep a close eye on the order status page ;)

More happenings? Sheesh - you people act like I never write much. [Dennis]' excellent HP Printer RAM Upgrade Guide worked very well; He came over and helped me upgrade my LaserJet 5mp to 35Megs (of 70ns 70pin EDO RAM). Spools much nicer. I also got to play w/ the above mentioned's 17" Powerbook, and I still think I don't like OS X. I know Sam and Daniel were hoping for another convert ;). Oh - I still have a B&W G3 to sell, too.

I can't think of much more right now. The New Year seems to be off to a pretty good start so far; first year married and in our own house - things are going pretty good. God's been very good to us so far; we can only keep praying for his blessing.