Electronics Die; Deal With It

Well, at least that's what I should tell myself, anyway.

Over the past several days I've noticed some strange behavior in some of my electonics that I use daily (we'll be excluding my dvd::rip problems of several days ago as those seem mostly fixed).

My cellphone has been acting up again recently. Yes, the replacement is starting to go, I think. The up/down buttons on my d-pad occasionally won't work and power cycling won't restore their function. It's pretty difficult to scroll through contacts without up/down buttons. I really like the S710, but I'm not in love with the \$400 price tag. Gah.

I think my car stereo is going downhill, too. I have a Kenwood head unit that has probably lasted me 4 years (got it when I had my Escort). The past couple days the display has had issues working when I turn it on. Last night on my way home I found out a place I can push to get the display back, but it goes out again when it turns on. I've had my eye on some other Kenwood units that seem pretty cheap, but I just wasn't planning on getting on just yet.