Disabling PHP's register_globals in userland

So you have a large PHP deployment that is (still? - this is 2008!) using register_globals. How do you test individual pieces of the site without being able to change the ini variable via .htaccess? Try this code out:

<?phpif (ini_get('register_globals')){        $__sgs = array('_ENV', '_GET', '_POST', '_COOKIE', '_SERVER');        foreach ($__sgs as $__sg)        {                $__k = array_keys(${$__sg});                foreach($__k as $__v)                {                        if (isset($$__v) && ${$__sg}[$__v] === $$__v)                        {                                unset($$__v);                        } // end if superglobal var = local var                } // end foreach superglobal key        } // end foreach superglobal} // end if register_globals?>