Current Mood - Aaaaahhhh [BOOM]

I'm sure there are some people buisier than I, but this week has seemed to be extra stressful.

I've been taking care of Tiff since her sugery (which went fine) since she has a bit more limited mobility than the last time. She seems to be doing much better now that the drainage tube has been removed, so that's a good start.

Of course, Dennis and Michele's wedding is this weekend and I've been busy trying to get enough music for them to have music for their reception. While it's nice that Lindsay has so much music, a lot of it could use a much finer-grained categorization (since a "genre" is all music apps give us to choose like-sounding music these days). There also needs to be a standard between the friends of us that share music; for example (since I did this last night), I think any music that is off a Soundtrack should have genre "Soundtrack", Artist of the current songs artist, and Track Title the current tracks title. This would be opposed to having genre as "Various", the Artist "Soundtrack", and the Track Title containing both the artist and title info. Luckily this was easy to correct with EasyTAG, but it's still tedious.

Both Lindsay and I use to try to put our artists in genres, but it's not the best tool for the job. Lets take Alanis Morissette (since that's the artist I'm currently on). Lindsay had the artist as "Singer/Songwriter" where AllMusic calls this one of her Styles and puts her in the Rock genre. They also say her styles consist of Alternative Rock, Adult Alternative Rock, Rock, and Post-Grunge. Myself, I'm inclined to pick "Post-Grunge" as the appropriate genre, but there really needs to be a better system for this.

I've also been quite busy at work dealing with a client and their broken web servers. We've been tasked with replacing their servers without being given any budget or saying how far we are to go. So we need to do everything using available hardware and licenses. And theres all kind of political evilness here involving employees that don't want to manage the servers, employees that are afraid of loosing their jobs, and bosses that want [lots of] something for nothing. And people wonder why I'm looking elsewhere... oh that's right - they don't wonder, they understand.