cheap phone service

Voip to the rescue! [Brady] and I were talking about LD Voip last night, and Vonage (Vone-age, not fawn-age). He mentioned that a couple people at Ship are using it and are quite happy.

It's been awhile since I've looked at it, and it looks very good now. For $25/mo, you get unlimited local+regional (that's all of 717 for me) calling and 500 minutes a month LD. Plus you get all the other phone services for free: Call Waiting, Caller-ID, and Voicemail (web accessable, too!). Seems like a no-brainer for me; we're currently paying about \$70/mo with Sprint. So I signed up; I'm going to port my existing phone number to Vonage as well (which will take about a month), but it should save us a ton of money. Hopefully it's as good as they say.