But our Princess is in Another Castle

In case you hadn't heard (it was last week), I didn't get the System Admin job at Ship. Well, a Systems Manager job opened up (with more pay), so I applied for that. Hopefully I don't need to go through the whole interview/reference check thing again. I think they did a rather poor job of that last time; and also a rather poor job of communcating with me after that process.

I finally got the Axim (required me tracking down the UPS truck at the Chambersburg sorting facility); and it's pretty slick. I should take a moment here to pimp Keepass - it's open source Keyring for Palm replacement for Desktop/PocketPC. It has both a Windows app (useful for porting your info) and a PocketPC app, so it has been very good to me so far. The PocketPC version is lacking a bit (no auto-timeout), but it's much better than all the alternatives (even pay-for alternatives) for PPC so far.

I've been working on a new layout for my website (yes, again). If you hadn't noticed, I tend to use my website as a place to learn and grow in html/css design. At least I continue to like each design more ;). If you've checked out my demo stuff before, you know where to go to see the work-in-progress.