Busy and Eventful Weekend

We spent the weekend running around all over the place. Saturday we had a birthday party for Gabe Burkholder at Adam and Shanen's place where we got to see a bunch of people we hadn't seen in awhile (some of them very pregnant!). After that we went to my parent's place to visit with most of my Dad's family.

My sister and I have been wanting to get my parent's extensive slide collection (and other photos and negatives) digitized, but have been kind-of putting it off due to how intensive it would be to go through all the slides and then the cost of shipping them off to get it done. Even though we found a good, cheap, reputable company, it was still $0.49/slide, and my parents have around 3000 slides (ouch). So, Dennis recently told me about newer scanners that can do slides and negatives that might be cost effective for doing this much scanning, and I found the Epson Perfection V700. My sister and I both like this idea since we'll be able to do much more than just the slides.

Tiff and I also had some great news today - we found out we're going to be parents! We surprised our families by putting together small "baby kits" with a onesie, some wash cloths, and bibs and managed to stump both out familes as to what was going on until they read the card that came with it that said something like, "I can wait until I get to meet you in the spring," signed, "Baby Warner." Both of our families were very excited for us - especially Tiff's family since this will be their first grandchild. I'm sure there'll be more news on this front in the future, but you can check out the pregnancy test for now ;-).