blog today

I should have something to write about everyday, right? Maybe.

I managed to get a SATA controller for cheap (read < \$20) in an effort to get some more storage in my fileserver. I already have a 120G + 160G drive in there, but I maxed it out at the lannic. I'm hoping to get the Maxtor 250G SATA drive somewhat soon, but the wallet is a bit tight right now. I'd also like to get another one by the end of summer or so. This would put me up to 780G of online storage. That'd be pretty nice ;)

I tried to get upstairs to learn what is going on in the web dept, but Daniel disappeared. I helped Sam and Andy a bit, but went back down after a little bit. On the way home, I was thinking about all the stuff that I need to learn, and that I'll be responsible for coordinating; I need to learn the new website layout, all our squirrelmail hacks, learn how to interact with Guy for marketing on the website, how to interact with Allen for the desired content, and satisfy everyone's requests ;). I'm sure it won't be easy, but it wouldn't be fun if it was. I'm pretty sure Daniel will still be available part-time, so at least his expertise won't just disappear.

Oh well; I need to keep adding features to my website... and import some old content.