Birthday Party and New Washer/Dryer

So Tiff and my weekend was pretty much taken up by both of these two things.

Logan's 7th birthday party was on Saturday (his actual birthday is Thursday, so my parents and I drove down to Virginia for the day. It was nice to visit with them, I managed to get lots of pictures and update our family pictures, too.

Sunday was spent doing a little running around, then going to look at a washer and dryer to replace ours. They weren't really worn out, but are 13 years old and we don't want to start having any problems soon. So we check them out Sunday afternoon, decided we wanted them, and proceeded to take care of getting our washer and dryer out of the way so we could move the new ones in. We picked the new ones up last night (in the rain) and got everything hooked up by 9:30pm - keep in mind I didn't get home from work until 6pm; not bad!