Big Mass Update

Figured I need to throw a ton of stuff out there, since it seems like so much is going on.

Last Tuesday (the night before my vacation to Raystown) I had a trustee meeting at church. I had no clue what was going on, but I was supposed to go. Now, I've been a trustee for my church for about two years, and I've never been called. Not once. So, I was a little shocked when I got nominated for Trustee Chair.

But not really. And I accepted. See, no one in our church wants to take responsiblity for the dwindling attendance and for the care of the building and grounds itself. So if they other half-dozen guys don't want it, I'll do it. The strange thing is that I'm not even really that concerned about it, even though I know what the legal ramifications are (I'm basically "The Man" for the church... and I'll have to go to Conference next year :-/). So I figure this is what God wanted for me, and I'm willing to take it on. Even if I'm not a member of the church. And I just got keys to the building today by borrowing my father-in-law's set and copying them at Walmart.

This week every night has been filled with VBS. Except for Tuesday - that was filled with rain and me and my father-in-law getting soaked making sure the church wasn't floating away. But other than that, VBS. While I have a ton of fun doing VBS, and I think the other people that help do too, I'm still not convinced it's where we need to put our efforts right now. Our church population is aging quickly, and it seems they'd rather just go to VBS to hang out than keep control of the kids and make sure they're learning about God. Maybe next year I'll recommend that they don't do it, and put the money to some other use.

And this weekend Tiff and I are going on a blitzkrieg tour of VA, visiting my Sister tomorrow to Sunday, then over to Richmond to visit [Dennis] and Michele, then back here on Monday sometime. I'm sure we'll have plans for Tuesday, too. And it only took some light prodding to my employers that this is a National holiday for them to realize that we should take off - and then everybody thought it was a good idea. I'd just rather be told "this is a holiday weekend, take off" than to tell them "this is a holiday weekend, I'm taking off".

Oh, and don't upgrade your FC5 boxes to the 2.6.17 kernel. It's evil. Just go search for "2.6.17" on It'll break your quiet boot output. And your broadcom wireless nic. And your dmraid. Just don't say I didn't warn 'ya.