aniversaries, picnics, and vacations

I really need to updated more often.

Tiff and I celebrated our one year (woo!) aniversary by going to the Inn of the Dove in Harrisburg. It was nice to get away for a night; as Tiff said, if we would've been home, we would have found something else to do than spend time together (like laundry).

The day before that was a LAN Picnic (as Lindsay has abbreviated, "lannic"). It was a bunch of fun, despite abysmal transfer rates. I still managed to fill up my 280G (-H, -h says 263G) of hard disk space. I'll have to order a 200G (or two..).

Tiff, Dennis, Michele, and I will be heading to Lake Raystown Resort tomorrow with Tiff's family and some family friends. We'll be taking up three campsites! Very exciting. Tiff's dad takes a boat and RV, and the other family is doing the same. Tiff and I are taking the tent. Gotta start somewhere ;). We'll be gone from early Thursday to Sunday afternoon, so call if you need me (or SMS).

I know that's not it for this update, but I can't remember right now. Oh, my cat (Tycho) got out last night. We spent a couple hours looking for him, then around 22:00 I pointed my flashlight over towards my neighbor's deck and saw eyes. I called over to him, and he cried back. So, Tiff and I walked over, and I coaxed him down off the deck. I picked him up and started heading back, and he decided he wasn't ready yet and clawed me good (got my hand, arm, and chest/stomach). I went inside to get cleaned up, and Tiff was able to coax him in a couple minutes later. Fun stuff.