An Action-Packed Four-Day Weekend

We left Thursday morning for Lake Raystown Resort and just got back mid-afternoon today. We had four beautiful days; which made all our activities that much more enjoyable.

Thursday was spent setting up camp and taking a quick ride around the lake. We did a little tubing, but I ended up poping the valve open so we had to take it back to shore to get pumped up. Supper, campfire, and the day was over.

Friday was busy since we had a full day. We spent the day pretty much out on the boat fishing and trying to get Ryan up on the skis. I also managed to get burnt pretty good, but you'll have that. Coming back in that evening I managed to stub my big toe in the water and shoved a bunch of dirt and other junk underneath my toenail - which subsequently had to be dug out. Not a nice ending to the day, but it wasn't too bad.

We knew Saturday was going to be busy from the start. We got up at 5:30 to go striper fishing, but after trolling for an hour and a half we decided to just go bass fishing along the shores until 11:00 or so. Tiff and I stayed at the campsite for a couple hours and then headed home so we could go to Lindsay and Kelly-Jo's wedding! They had a beautiful evening for their wedding, and I did manage to get some photos taken before my battery died.

We left straight from the wedding to head back to Raystown. Once back at camp I tried taking some photos around the campfire only to find that my camera wouldn't turn off after I turned it on! I'm not sure if the power button is broken, but a camera isn't something I'm too willing to take apart to fix. I guess the auto power-off will have to do for now

Today was mostly just packing up camp and getting unpacked at home. We had a great four days; but now it's back to work for a full week. Good thing the week after is a four day week.