Accident Number 2 for 2005

Yep. Accident number two for this year - I haven't even had the car for a year yet. This was right outside the Murata Business Center; I had barely left work. Should be totally the other guy's fault; he even got cited for it.

While his Pacifica was fine, my car didn't get to be driven home. His car struck mine right at the tire and I'm pretty sure it busted a tie rod at the very least. My early guess is an easy three grand for repairs and I'm just hoping there isn't any frame damage. I'm just lucky I wasn't going any faster or my side-impact air bags probably would have went off.

Tiff and I will probably just carpool next week (the school she teaches at is on the way, and we work similar hours). I imagine the car will out of commission for a couple weeks. Nobody was hurt, so that's the best thing out of the whole incident; and hopefully my adjuster will call me tomorrow and we'll get things moving along.